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Catalog Maker

What is Flipcreator
FlipCreator is a catalog maker that you install on your computer and you can import your PDFs and produce a digital catalog.

Share your created catalog with friends and family using FlipCreator's different built in sharing features.

You can share the catalog using the share via email feature, this will send a email to your friend with a link to the flipbook and a message. Share Via Social media will allow you to post a link to the flipbook on your social media.

Download free trial version Pricing of FlipCreator Tutorials of FlipCreator

Hosting on your website
FlipCreator has a built in FTP uploader that allows you to upload your catalog that you made onto your site and provide you with a URL. You can also manually upload the catalogs onto your site on your own if you do not want to use the uploader.

We have tutorials going over the different feature for this catalog maker. There are both text and video versions of these tutorials.

Have multiple catalogs on the same topic? No problem FlipCreator has the option to add a archive library that keeps track of all pass issues so your readers can catch up any that they missed.



iCreateApp is an app building software to create iPad/iPhone and Android app for your publication. It allows you to create branded newsstand apps and you can submit these apps to AppStore Newsstand. Just click here to downlod the free trial version.


FlipMall is a web service to create digital publication from PDF. Just go to www.FlipMall.net and upload your PDF document. Your digital publication will be generated automatically. More Info

FlipCreator Annual

FlipCreator Annual version is an one year license. It has all features. View feature list...

FlipCreator Professional

FlipCreator Professional is a life time license. It has all features. View feature list...

FlipCreator Enterpise

FlipCreator Enterprise is a life time license. It has all the features of professional version with 5 installations. View feature list...