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Create a Magazine

How to get started
To start creating your magazine you will need to go to the Download page above. Fill in your information and download install either the Windows or Mac version.

Once you have it install start up FlipCreator click on New to select the PDF file you want to use.

When you are done editing the flipbook click on publish to finalize your flipbook and upload it onto your website.

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FlipCreator has a built in FTP uploader that you can use to upload the magazine files onto your website. If you do not want to use it you can do it manually as well.

If the FTP uploader is used a URL is created for you. If you choose to manually upload you can create the URL link yourself.

After uploading you have the option to add a link on your website that when clicked will open up the magazine in a new window or tab. You can also use embed code to embed the flipbook onto a page as well if you do not want it to occupy the whole page.



iCreateApp is an app building software to create iPad/iPhone and Android app for your publication. It allows you to create branded newsstand apps and you can submit these apps to AppStore Newsstand. Just click here to downlod the free trial version.


FlipMall is a web service to create digital publication from PDF. Just go to www.FlipMall.net and upload your PDF document. Your digital publication will be generated automatically. More Info

FlipCreator Annual

FlipCreator Annual version is an one year license. It has all features. View feature list...

FlipCreator Professional

FlipCreator Professional is a life time license. It has all features. View feature list...

FlipCreator Enterpise

FlipCreator Enterprise is a life time license. It has all the features of professional version with 5 installations. View feature list...