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Features in FlipCreator
FlipCreator is a digital magazine software that is packed with different features that you can use to customize the overall appearance of your magazine. Changing these features will give your digital magazine a completely new feel.

Links and Buttons
You can put in links and buttons that have different action attached to them from opening web links, playing a video, displaying a message or jumping within the flipbook.

Embeding Video
FlipCreator has the option to embed Local or YouTube videos on a page in your digital magazine.

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You can use one of our built in themes or create your own to customize the background image, window color and toolbar buttons to make it match the overall theme of the magazine you are trying to create.

Custom Toolbars
Under settings you have the option to toggle certain button on the toolbars on or off so you can disable buttons that you do not want readers to click on.

You can add in banners that runs along the top and the side of the flipbook that readers can click on and bring them to a site that you set.



iCreateApp is an app building software to create iPad/iPhone and Android app for your publication. It allows you to create branded newsstand apps and you can submit these apps to AppStore Newsstand. Just click here to downlod the free trial version.


FlipMall is a web service to create digital publication from PDF. Just go to www.FlipMall.net and upload your PDF document. Your digital publication will be generated automatically. More Info

FlipCreator Annual

FlipCreator Annual version is an one year license. It has all features. View feature list...

FlipCreator Professional

FlipCreator Professional is a life time license. It has all features. View feature list...

FlipCreator Enterpise

FlipCreator Enterprise is a life time license. It has all the features of professional version with 5 installations. View feature list...