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FlipCreator is a online magazine maker that takes in PDFs and images as the source file and produces a digital magazine that you can upload and host on your own website. FlipCreator has several publish options. You can upload the flipbook online and have it viewable through the web browser on computers and mobile devices. Flash is used for computers and HTML5 for mobiles devices. If you prefer offline reading FlipCreator can make a .exe file for Windows and a .app for Mac or ePub and Mobi for eReaders.

To aid with reading on mobile devices you can download our FlipExplorer app. You can download the flipbook into the App and save it for offline reading.

Customize your flipbook
When making your magazine you can customize it using the different features in FlipCreator.

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You can insert in links and buttons into the flipbook. These links and buttons have many functions, they can open up web links, play a video, play a audio, email, or display a message in a window. You can also set the transparancy of each link if you do not want it to visible.

You can embed pictures onto pages in your magazine. If you want to insert multiple pictures you can use the Picture Gallery option, this will allow you to put in multiple pictures that cycle on a timer. You can also attach a URL link to a picture so when the reader clicks on it they will be brought to a webpage where they can find out more information.

FlipCreator has 3 different video options available for you. Local video, Link, and YouTube. If you have the video file on your computer when you are making the flipbook then you can use the Local Video option. If you have it on a server then you can provide a link to the video file with the Link option. If it is a video on YouTube then all you need is the last 11 character of the YouTube link and you can embed it into your flipbook.



iCreateApp is an app building software to create iPad/iPhone and Android app for your publication. It allows you to create branded newsstand apps and you can submit these apps to AppStore Newsstand. Just click here to downlod the free trial version.


FlipMall is a web service to create digital publication from PDF. Just go to www.FlipMall.net and upload your PDF document. Your digital publication will be generated automatically. More Info

FlipCreator Annual

FlipCreator Annual version is an one year license. It has all features. View feature list...

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FlipCreator Professional is a life time license. It has all features. View feature list...

FlipCreator Enterpise

FlipCreator Enterprise is a life time license. It has all the features of professional version with 5 installations. View feature list...