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To register FlipCreator, you must purchase a product from our website and get a registration code. If you don't have a registration code, please click the following link to purchase it: http://www.flipcreator.net/pricing.html

Please complete the following steps to register the trial version into full version:

Step 1. Run FlipCreator

Once you run FlipCreator, you will be prompted that you are using the trial version. You can click "Register" button in the pop up window to start registration. You can also click "Register" menu item under "Help" menu from main interface of FlipCreator to start registration.


Note: Your will receive a Registration Code enclosed by email after finishing the order.

Step 2. Enter the Registration Code.

After clicking "Register" button or menu item, the Registration window will appeare. Then please enter your name and registration code and click 'Register' button to complete the Registration.

Note: both of Your Name and Registration Code are case sensitive, please enter them through copy and paste.