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FlipCreator allows you to finish some special actions cusomize your output PDF document. To do this, please click "Settings" button to open the "Settings" window. There are several tabs: General, Advanced, Previous Issues and Miscellaneous.

1. General

In General tab, you can determine:

  • Book Name (Book Title), .

  • If show the gutter shadow between the two pages.

  • which buttons you want to show on your publication.

  • If use a background picture, you can specify a image file for background.

2. Advanced

In Advanced tab, you can determine:

  • If import table of contents from PDF;

  • If import links from PDF, and what color do you want to use for the links imported from PDF.;

  • What DPI you want to use when extract pages from PDF. The bigger DPI, the better image quality, vice versa.

  • If enable flipping sound;

  • If enable audio. please check "Enable Audio" item if you insert any audio to pages or already set backgound music, otherwise, you won't hear any sound when you open the published publication.

  • If use backgound music.

  • Your company information, which will be shown when your readers click "About us" button on your publication.


3. Previous Issues

You can add or edit previous issues in Previous Issues tab, for more detail about how to add or edit previous issues, please click here.


4. Miscellaneous

In Miscellaneous tab, you can determine:

  • If generate files for search engine, this feature make your digital publication searchable on search engine. FlipCreator will generate proper files for search engines to index if you select this item. Please submit the "summany.html" file in WebSearch subfolder under your output folder to the search engines, or place a link to the "summany.html" file on your home page after you publish and upload your publication;

  • Default language for your publication;

  • If show loading logo, which will be shown between opening the publication and the book shows completely;

  • If show a advertising banner on top of your publication;

  • If show a instroduction image on left hand side of your book;

  • If show your company logo on the right bottom corner of your publication;